måndag 4 september 2023

WITHER "Place Without Sorrow" CD 2014.

Depressive Black Metal from China.Still available after all years. Released in January 2014, 100 copies. Digital album: https://saluterecords.bandcamp.com/album/place-without-sorrow

Special Offer!

The splits "Extreme Aggression" from 2016 & "Patria Arya" from 2018 is in overstock so here's a great oppurtunity to get both for a price of one! Both are factory made pro cd's. 

tisdag 15 augusti 2023


HatefulWolf "End Of Humanity" CD/tape.
Obscure black/death from Usa.
Digital: https://saluterecords.bandcamp.com 

torsdag 10 augusti 2023

onsdag 9 augusti 2023

Woe is the Accursed Earth "The Settling Ashes of a Crumbling World" CD/2016

Limited to only 33 copies, factory printed pro cd-r in digi pack format. Last copies! 
Order, info: saluterecords@gmail.com 

Wintercold "Dark Thoughts" CD/EP 2021

Release from Dark East Productions February 7th, limited to 100 copies, Dark Metal/Atmospheric Black/Doom. Only available from us, "sold out" from label.